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Citadel Ministries International

CMI announcing our 7th Annual Holy Conclave...Theme: Don't Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits

Citadel Ministries Int'l is pleased to announce our 7th Holy Conclave...Friday, August 16-18, 2019! We are expecting a high time in the Lord, annointed worship services, a commencement service, a consecration service, and Citadel of Faith celebrating 18 years in ministry! 

Please come and be a part of this Holy Conclave...you will be glad you did!

Citadel Ministries International welcomes....

Bishop Dr. Clarence McClain and Elect Lady Ann McClain,  LIFE Christian Fellowship, Franklinton, NC! Congratulations on this new work and welcome to the CMI Family!

Pastor Dr. Cameron Mays and The Refinery Church, Los Angeles, CA;   

  Pastor Dr. Norman Shoemake, Jr. and Bethel Community Church, Upper Darby, PA.

                  Pastor Dr. Cameron Mays, The Refinery Church                                                   Pastor Dr. Norman Shoemake, Jr. Bethal Community Church

Citadel Ministries International Council of Bishops

Citadel Ministries International (CMI) Council of Bishops:  Bishop Samuel Thompson (New Beginning, Clover, SC); Bishop Angela B. Page (Soul Care Ministries, Greensboro, NC); Bishop George B. Jackson, Presiding Prelate (Citadel of Faith, Thomasville, NC); and Bishop Clarence McClain (Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Youngsville, NC).

Citadel Ministries congratulates Superintendent James & Elder Kathey Pringle on the ribbon cutting ceremony, June 22, 2017, for The Citadel House TLH ~ Emergency Shelter Program, Lancaster, SC.

Lancaster County, Lancaster, SC Chamber of Commerce, Bishop Dr. George B. Jackson, Elder Kathey & Superintendent James Pringle (Pastor Citadel of Love Christian Fellowship)!  Picture to the Right

                             Bishop Dr. George B. Jackson

                               Presiding Prelate

Bishop George B. Jackson - Founder and Presiding Prelate

Churches of Citadel Ministries International:

Citadel of Faith Christian Fellowship

Bishop George B. Jackson, Thomasville, NC

Citadel of Joy Christian Fellowship ~ Vacant

Citadel of Hope Christian Fellowship ~ 

Pastor Amay Cates, Durham, NC

Citadel of Love Christian Fellowship ~ 

Elder James Pringle, Lancaster, SC

Citadel of Mercy Christian Fellowship ~ 

Pastor Vernette Smith, Fayetteville, NC

New Beginning Baptist Church ~ 

Bishop Samuel Thompson, Clover, SC

Citadel of Survival ~

Pastor Joanne Burch, Pageland, SC

Greater Faith Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC

Pastor George G. Harris, Greensboro, NC

Christ Disciples Church

Pastor Spergeoun Raju

Breaking the Chains Ministries

Superintendent Pamela K. Taylor, Camden, NJ

Citadel of Peace Christian Fellowship

Elder Drusilla Watson, Sebring, FL

Soul Care Ministries, Inc.

Bishop Dr. Angela B. Page, Greensboro, NC

God of Truth Churches

Apostle Ezkiel Kiyai, Migor, Kenya, West Africa

Bethal Community Church

Pastor Dr. Norman Shoemake, Jr, Upper Darby, PA

The Refinery Church

Pastor Dr. Cameron Mays, Los Angeles, CA

Teaching, Preaching, and Reaching the world through JESUS CHRIST!